28 Nov 2012

What’s In Your Gumbo?

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‘Tis the season for many of us to spend time with family and friends around a copious spread of prepared dishes for all to enjoy. As I began the day-long journey to create my native dish of seafood gumbo for my loved ones, I was reminded that what makes this New Orleans specialty so incredible is the variety of ingredients in its recipe. Each of the 50 or so spices, vegetables, broths and fruits of the sea come together in one pot – exhaling an aroma that lights up the home!
Now I ask, what’s in YOUR gumbo? I believe that diversity is the spice of life and inclusion is what allows us to taste it – at home, on the job, in the community AND in online social networking. Many folks believe that diversity and inclusion are valuable and relevant concepts. Fewer people manage their interactions in ways which exemplify that belief.
Take a minute to review the make-up of your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ communities. Do the people in your circles represent differences in gender, economic status, race, national origin, ethnicity, sexuality, religious beliefs, political party affiliation, age, etc.? Social technology presents a precious and dynamic opportunity to reach people who will challenge the comfort we have with sameness, so we can taste all of the flavors this world offers – a resource that our parents and grandparents did not have.
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