Gender Bias in Mediation - DR Currents, Summer 2011
In our last article, we discussed how our minds automatically activate stereotypes and how this may lead to racial bias in mediation.1 We now turn our attention to gender bias…download the complete article from the DR Currents 

The Role of Bias in Mediation - DR Currents, Fall 2011
Most mediators take seriously their responsibility to create a neutral environment for the participants. When someone in caucus announces that “we just can’t negotiate with those kind of people,” the mediator readily recognizes the challenge she now faces….download the complete article from the DR Currents 

Speak No Evil - Increase Your Effectiveness at Mediation - HCBA Lawyer, Sept - Oct 2012
Primacy theory suggests that first impressions are very powerful. Mediation typically presents the first opportunity for a lawyer to talk directly with the opposing party…download the complete article from the HCBA Lawyer 

Transference in Mediation – HCBA Lawyer, Feb 2013
Your case is set for mediation. You and your client appear at the appointed hour, pleasantries are exchanged, and the parties present respectful opening statements…download the complete article from HCBA Lawyer. 

On Your Own Terms - The Effects of Gender on Negotiation - ABWA Newsletter, April 2013
Does the absence of y chromosomes make women weaker negotiators? The general perspectives adopted by women, as compared to those adopted by men, may represent the tip of the iceberg…download On Your Own Terms_ABWA Newsletter Apr 2013 

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