Level Mediation LLC offers mediation services when litigation is threatened but before a lawsuit has been filed.  We offer these services to parties who may not be represented by attorneys, as well as to those parties who have retained counsel.


We offer mediation services after a lawsuit has been filed, but before a final judgment has been entered.  Mediation in pending lawsuits can either be court-ordered or scheduled by agreement of the parties.


We offer mediation services to parties who may have a legitimate dispute that, for whatever reason, is not as likely to lead to a lawsuit, such as workplace disputes, family conflicts, intra-generational or elder care disputes, neighborhood or homeowners’ association disputes, or other interpersonal conflicts.


Family disputes

Separation, dissolution of marriage (divorce), timesharing (child care & custody), modification of marital settlement and timesharing, cohabitation agreements, prenuptial/antenuptial agreements, postnuptial/matrimonial agreements, elder care, visitation arrangements, adult family disputes, employment of family physicians, medical decisions & medical expenses, assisted living/long term care arrangements, hospice, religious decisions/matters of faith, allocation of sibling financial & caregiving responsibilities, employment of family legal advisors & wealth managers, disposition of family personal property/economic and sentimental value, estate planning & tax reduction strategies, charitable giving, family trusts, family-owned businesses/succession planning, professional malpractice/errors & omissions,  pet care & custody, etc.

Federal, state and municipal tax disputes

Income tax, estate tax, ad valorem tax, property appraisals/assessments, tax shelters, licenses & permits, bond issues, economic incentives/empowerment zones, special tax districts, etc.

Employment disputes

Title VII/EEO, ENDA, wage & hour/FLSA, adverse actions, equal pay, ADEA, ERISA, USERRA, lost wages, medical expenses, readiness to work, charging liens, constructive discharge, etc.

Business disputes

Breach of contract, bankruptcy, sales transactions, antitrust/unfair competition, partnership, joint venture, etc.

Workers compensation disputes
Real estate disputes

Foreclosure, landlord/tenant, environmental, property sales transactions, brokerage/agency agreements, land planning/land use, zoning ordinances & variances/nonconforming uses, construction projects, liens, homeowners/condominium associations, property management, building code enforcement, zoning enforcement, eminent domain, inverse condemnation, title insurance, survey/boundary line, adverse possession, nuisance, etc.

Insurance coverage disputes

Property insurance, flood & windstorm damage, environmental damage, casualty/liability insurance, directors & officers’ insurance, enterprise risk management, errors & omissions insurance, surety bonds, indemnity agreements, reinsurance, broker malpractice, etc.

General liability disputes

Slip & fall, auto collision, bodily injury, premises liability, negligent maintenance, negligent security, failure to warn, inherent defect, etc.

Class action disputes

Consumer products, discrimination, wage & hour, fair business practices, environmental, financial services, antitrust, etc.

Public accommodation access disputes

Americans with Disabilities Act, etc.

Information technology disputes

Breach of privacy, data security/data theft, etc.