12 Jun 2012

Asleep at the Wheel

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Jay and I attended our son, Derrick’s, high school graduation several days ago. As we prepared to witness the commencement of nearly 500 beaming seventeen and eighteen year olds, both of us were struck by the procession of faculty members and school board officials that preceded the students’ march into the arena. We were grateful to see that the students seemed to ignore any artificial boundaries imposed by gender, race, physical ability or ethnicity – the Class of 2012 could not have more closely resembled a UN assembly – very diverse. On the other hand, the educators who played key roles in their development and exposure to broad perspectives could not have been more homogeneous.

  • What is the statement being made to the kids and to the community?
  • How deep and wide is the pool of qualified interest in teaching careers in that school district?
  • What is the value of having a body of leaders that is as diverse as the people they lead?
  • Does the need for diverse representation change with the ages of those affected?
  • When does the question of hypocrisy come into play if we espouse the virtues of inclusion and diversity, but seem comfortable with the notion of surrounding ourselves only with those who look like us?

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