Level Mediation LLC is the first dispute resolution firm in the United States to directly emphasize and apply the diverse perspectives of its mediators.

Our experienced mediators provide dispute resolution services in Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, and West Palm Beach as well as surrounding areas. We can help you find the missing puzzle pieces to allow you to resolve your dispute.

Our mediators have real world experience in business & commerce, general liability, employee relations, workforce grievance procedures and management, adverse action, performance management, private law practice, corporate legal departments, insurance, organization restructure and change management, hiring and promotion practices, compensation and pay administration, workers compensation, corporate governance, finance, real estate and family matters.

We take pride in the fact that we are a women & minority owned-business, and our mediators are trained to address the pervasive role of bias in all disputes.  We have one overarching goal: to level the field so that the parties can communicate effectively and respectfully with each other in seeking resolution.